Flexible payment options for employers large and small.

Paddl for Employers
Best for smaller companies looking to hire 1 - 3 times a year.
For growing or mid size companies hiring 10+ per year.
For large organisations with hiring programs and custom requirements.
$ 75
per Campaign
Standard Campaign
In-App Credit Card payment billed prior to each Campaign post.
$ 500
per Campaign
Supported Campaign
Invoice via Customer Success billed prior to each Campaign post.
Request a Demo
Let's discuss your requirements and create a plan for your Organisation.
Enterprise Features
Account Manager
A Paddl Team Member dedicated to your Company’s Talent Discovery.
Priority Support
Receive quick responses to any support issues you may encounter.
Custom Agreement
Flexible terms and pricing based on your custom requirements.
Talent Pool Management
Paddl will curate and manage an ongoing talent pool for your organisation.
Included Features
Choose an Employer Package above to reveal its included features.
30 Day Job Listing
Enjoy 30 days of Open Applications as Paddlrs discover your Opportunity.
+30 Days Applicant Review
Use an additional 30 days beyond your Job Listing to select the best Applicants.
Shareable Job Template
Share your Opportunity using our SEO optimised and beautiful Paddl template.
Skills Targeting Optimisation
Target your Campaign to Paddlrs with the skills you need, no more irrelevant Applications.
Applicant Scoring
Rank your Applicants with Scores when using Screening Challenges.
Applicant Management Tools
Manage your Applicants as Shortlisted or Unsuccessful to notify them automatically of their progress.
Campaign Statistics
Measure the success of your Campaign with valuable insights such as your average Application Score.
Ultimatum Challenge
Pre-Screen your Applicants with up to 10 yes or no questions determined by you.
Dedicated Customer Support
A helpful Paddl Customer Success member ready to help you during your Campaign.
Campaign Content Review
Your Customer Success member will quality check your Campaign and Screening Challenges.
Reach Optimisation Support
Your Customer Success member will help you calibrate your Campaign to target the most relevant Paddlrs.
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