Paddl provides a simple yet powerful partnership to measure and support your Student’s employability.

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Measure Student Experience

Measure Student Experience

Paddl provides meaningful analysis of your Students’ professional experience while respecting their privacy and security. This gives Careers Centers critical information to help Students in need and celebrate areas of success.

Prove Job Readiness

Prove Job Readiness

Paddl helps Students gather crucial professional experience during and after their studies to give them the best chance of an Employment Outcome once they graduate. Students graduate with a qualification and proven experience.

The perfect support for your Employment Programs.
  • WIL
    Work Integrated Learning

    Connect Students to Employers providing WIL programs in their relevant field of study.

  • IBL
    Industry Based Learning

    Encourage Students to discover IBL Employers as an alternative to traditional study.

  • GO
    Graduate Outcomes

    Deliver higher Graduate Outcomes by encouraging work earlier in Students journeys.

Educator Benefits

Improved graduate outcomes, invaluable student & graduate data and more.

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